Friday, June 12, 2009

Go into Debt and Save on Your Gas Bill

In an era where credit cards are quickly going out of fashion we have the launch of a new 'money saving' credit card (in case you didn't know, debit cards are the new black -at least in America) . Budapest Bank and Fogaz have teamed up to co-brand a credit card that allows the average customer to save up to HUF 13,200 (EUR 47.12 USD 65.88) a year through a 6% discount on their gas utility bill by simply using it. The catch is that the card has an annual fee of HUF 5,900. Then let's not forget the interest rate, which, during these times, people may have trouble paying their gas bill on times.

So why not do what the Hungarian government does and delay your payment for gas, pay a high interest rate, and in the end pay more for your gas.