Friday, December 7, 2007


CEZ is complaining about the monopolistic situation in Romania. Poor CEZ -sometimes regulators are so unfair - especially when you are NOT the incumbent.. I would expect that they will be soon filing a complaint with the Czech regulator about their OWN monopolistic position.

It is also awful to see that they only made 34 million in net profits. I wish I had that problem

CEZ blames energy regulator of tolerating monopoly

Power distributor CEZ Romania, operating the regional grid in Southern Romania, blames energy regulator ANRE of tolerating the monopoly situation on the market and warns to sue the state in this regard. Specifically, CEZ says that the long-term contracts signed by the regional electric distribution company with some customers, before the privatisation, impair the functioning of the free market. CEZ also says that ANRE has not consulted the market operators when amending the new methodology for calculating the electricity transportation tariffs. The state has moreover broken promises not to change the methodology prior to 2012, CEZ says. Separately, CEZ announces that the regional electricity company in Romania will end the year with a net profit of RON 120mn (EUR 34mn) and a turnover of RON 1.5bn. (IntelliNews, Dec 07, 2007)