Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why being Green-ish may not pay with Russia

I like the following article for the sheer fact that in this case, the old gasoline and diesel is still reliable.

In Bulgaria's top ski resort, Borovetz, which relies on natural gas for heating and energy they are now a bit concerned about getting enough gas. So they sent a letter to the

state-owned gas monopoly Bulgargaz asking them to secure the necessary quantities of natural gas for the top ski resort where all the hotels and other tourist establishments rely on gas-fueled heating. At the same, Bulgaria's other top winter resort Bansko is not affected at all by the gas shortage as all of its facilities are running on gasoline and diesel, the Bansko Mayor Alexander Kravarov announced as quoted by the Pari Daily.

I guess my only comment on this is how much does it cost to run a ski resort on gasoline and diesel? While no doubt a change over to gas and/or with some renewable energy would be expensive, there must be some cost savings in there. But then aren't they lucky that they didn't have to operate during last year's price spike.